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I wanted to make it down the wave and ride it until the end so bad. I'm so stoked I made it. A mad, intense wave. The greatest wave of my life. The biggest wave of the day by everyone? The biggest wave of the year?

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The official wave height is currently being determined to be a contender for a new world record for Dupont for the largest wave surfed by a female athlete. An experienced big wave surfer, Dupont admits that this type of wave is "hard to deal with. Nantes' presence enabled Dupont to feel more confident and ready to perform. I can't wait to keep pushing our limits together.

If you look at the current model, last year we only ran three days. It is more survival.

The "Big Wave" of Jean Michel Othoniel surges to the CRAC of Sète

Just survive. Just trying to prepare myself mentally. Is this content that is going to live exclusively on WSL, or is this something available to other Surf Media outlets? But the idea is to curate this content and get it to into the world to lift the surfers' profiles. Big moments, the ones that will go viral we want to be shared out as far as possible. With the new, minimalist event schedule, will the surfers in the two events be held to the previous year's exclusivity contract barring them from surfing non-WSL-sanctioned events such as Red Bull Cape Fear?

We are making a big move away from that behavior with these guys. We've long-heard the permitting process of running at Mavericks is a nightmare, what other factors went into its removal from the tour? We want to film there and potentially do something this year, but it won't be a WSL event.

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With the new format, and Mike Parsons stepping down from his position as Big Wave Tour Commissioner, is there going to be someone taking his place? Jaws has become the pinnacle of modern day big wave surfing from a paddle standpoint. Waimea at one point might have been but Jaws has taken its place.

Biggest Waves Ever Surfed - Nazare

People are getting barreled out there. The performance level is so high. The hope is that once we get past this change, the hard part, it will become more fun for the surfers and more engaging. A lot of these surfers have put in a lot of time to be on the World Tour. We just have to go about it differently.

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